Apratim Majumder

Indian Classical Music (ICM) is like a river that flows down the time immemorial. Historically at times ICM lost its splashing glory temporarily due to social and political unrest but it remained alive against all odds. This never-dying continuity is its inherent strength, derived from the built-in system of ICM. The system is known as guru-sishya parampara style of teaching and learning ICM.


The Guru-sishya parampara style (the traditional process of learning from Teacher) and practicing ICM had not only been instrumental to its continuity through the ages but this very system also has developed the subject immensely in the hands of the generations.


Sublimity of ICM lies in its intrinsic values. ICM is regarded as a very special kind of entertainment which is not entertainment only, but something more. Listening, learning and practicing ICM strengthen central nervous system of human being. It nurtures goodness and humility, heals up an ailing mind, brings back peace into a tormented soul. It adds colours to every moment of life.


To-day ICM is learned and practiced not always to become a music  professional, rather in many cases students learn and practice ICM to build up a suitable immunity-wall in their mindset to combat the monster of drudgery and stress of modern times.